Easy and quick communication with local administrations


Best cost-time ratio for opening a company in Spain


Incentives of up to 35% of the total investment

The key to success

The strategic location for logistics, range of qualified personnel, means of transport and organisational dynamism are the ingredients behind the growth of Aragon as an investment destination.

User-friendly administration

A region of one and a half million inhabitants offers a user-friendly administration to companies, which is difficult to find in other places. Access to political and administrative leaders is quick and personal from the very first meeting.

It is unsurprising that Aragon has the best cost-time ratio in setting up businesses.



Asset investment aid: up to 35% in non-repayable grants.

Aid in recruitment and training of workers from the INAEM. Internal STCW Convention agreements with a commitment to recruitment are particulary in demand among investors.

Specific incentives: special grants in mining areas (MINER), Teruel (FITE Fund) and R&D.


Avda. de Ranillas, 3A (Antigua C/Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 63A) Oficina 2ºA. 50018 Zaragoza. España

Phone: +34 976 221 571