Why Aragón?

Why Aragon?

There are many reasons to choose Aragon as an investment destination. Check out some of them.


Be it goods or data:
We make sure you can move it fast


Industrial plots available measuring over 200,000m2 


Operating costs are substantially lower than in other European regions


Aragon is a territory at the crossroads: Located between Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia and the Basque Country. Bordering with France, but just one step away from Africa. Main hinterland hub for Mediterranean and Atlantic ports, connecting with both Asia and the Americas.  

Over the past decade, thanks to public and private investments, Aragon has become a logistics hotspot in Spain. Exports from the region have been growing by an average 5.5% annually for the past ten years.


In Aragon, multinational companies find the talent and the logistics and data infrastructure they need to grow in a competitive global environment. 

PLAZA is the biggest logistics platform in Southern Europe. The offer in terms of prefab warehouses and industrial land is very competitive throughout the region. 

The availability of large plots (upwards of 200,000 m2) is also of interest to the large international companies.

Planta de Zaragoza-Cadena de Montaje


According to the Economists’ Council of Spain (CGE), Aragon is among the five most competitive regions in Spain, considering seven indicators: Business environment, labour market, human capital, business networks, innovation, institutions and infrastructures.


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