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With location being more critical than ever in the pharmaceutics industry, Aragon is an attractive option for both production and distribution. 

The region offers strong support across the board, from levels of government and regulatory advice, and university and research centre activity, to relevant ‘clusters’ of companies in the chemical, biotech, packaging and other sectors. 89% of Spain’s pharma & biotech industry is located within 300 km of the region.

A growing distribution hub

A growing number of companies are choosing Aragon as a center for pharmaceutical production and distribution.

Among the key factors for their decision are the competitive land and labor costs, which are considerably lower than in Central Europe, combined with the efficient logistics options that the region offers for European and worldwide distribution of pharmaceutical products

A pharmaceutical network

Spain is the 10th scientific power worldwide, and Aragon is located in the center of the country’s pharma and biotech industry, with 89% of it (1,869 companies) within 300km of its borders.

R&D centres, such as the University of Zaragoza, the University Hospital and the Aragonese Life Sciences Institute (IACS), are perfect incubators for spin-offs and start-ups. This system promotes technology transfer and innovation. 

Success Stories

Baxter’s factory in Sabiñanigo (Huesca) is one of the most automated factories in Europe. Baxter produces intravenous solutions, which are distributed in more than twenty countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Teva is one of the world’s main marketers of generic medications and the eighth-largest pharmaceutical company worldwide. From its production plant and logistics centre in Zaragoza, it distributes its products to all of Europe and countries such as Chile and Canada.

BD’s plant in Fraga (Huesca) is the largest sterlisation centre of medical supplies in Europe. It contains eight sterlisation rooms, each one being 80 square metres in size.

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