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A solid industrial network, backed by an experienced administration and state-of-the-art R&D centers, makes it easy to manufacture in – and distribute from – Aragon. 

Great location, competitive cost, high quality – if you want all that in one place, don’t look any further.

An industrial stronghold...

When it comes to industry, two key factors have made Aragon a leading region in Southern Europe: Its location in the heart of industrial Spain (80% of Spanish GDP is produced within 300km of Zaragoza) and logistics facilities on the one hand, and its very competitive land and labour costs on the other.

The Ebro Valley is one of the main industrial centers in Spain. It is home to companies from all sectors: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, paper, metallurgy, the electronics, chemical and agri-food industries and, of course, the automotive cluster.

... with solid networks.

Aragon is home to a large number of industrial clusters and associations, among which are the National Association of Public Works and Construction Machinery, the Association of Elevator Component Companies and business clusters for the agri-food industry, efficient water usage, automotive industry, logistics, health and aerospace sectors.

The Zaragoza Fair is a point of reference for industrial sectors nationally and internationally. The trade shows FIMA (agricultural machinery and livestock equipment sector), SMOPYC (construction machinery sector) and SMAGUA are European benchmarks in their respective industries.

Success Stories

Europe’s largest home appliances manufacturer is well established in Aragon, with two factories and a distribution center in the Zaragoza area. The products made here are shipped around the world and are recognised for their quality and ease of use.

Thanks to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, this Italian multinational company came to settle in Zaragoza. Mondo produces sports equipment and flooring for sports facilities.

With five subsidiaries in Aragon, Saint-Gobain benefits from the region’s magnificent natural resources to produce glass, casts and other construction materials.

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