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Green and Connected

With Aragon being just a 3-hour truck drive away from all 9 OEMs present in Spain, it’s no wonder that it is home to more than 350 companies from the industry.

Carmakers are gearing up for a greener future, and so is Aragon: Stellantis is building the first full-electric Opel Corsa at its Zaragoza plant, and the Aragon-based Mobility City project is becoming one of the major think tanks for the future of mobility.

At the heart of the Spanish car industry

Spain is among the Top 10 car manufacturers in the world and Aragon constitutes one of three automotive regions in Spain. 80% of Spanish car production lies within 350km of Aragon.

The Stellantis factory located in Zaragoza has 5,700 direct employees and a production capacity of 500,000 cars per year. The new full-electric OPEL Corsa is assembled here.

With its excellent port connections – 3 Atlantic and 3 Mediterranean ports within 300kms -, Aragon is also key for distribution. 50% of Spanish car production runs through our region.

Looking to the future

Aragon has unique innovation resources such as ITAINNOVA, Aitiip or the I3A.

Motorland is a complex which is devoted exclusively to the motor industry, featuring an Official MotoGP Circuit and a Technology Park.

The Zaragoza-based Mobility City project, a Think Tank on the future of mobility, constitutes the collaboration of numerous industry leaders.

Success Stories


Stellantis produces several OPEL and Citroën models in its Zaragoza plant. The group’s multi-energy platform allows it to assemble models with either combustion engines or electrified powertrains.

Brembo is a global leader in the development and production of brake systems. Its strategically located Zaragoza plant manufactures products for clients in Europe and the MENA region.

This French company has established its worldwide research and development centre for engine heat exchangers and its Southern Europe development center for fans and air grille shutters in Aragon. Valeo’s R&D team develops products for over 24 OEMs plants worldwide.

This American group has plants in both Alagon and Calatorao (Zaragoza). It manufactures the metal framework of seats for Opel, Renault and Ford. The plants employ 600 people.

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