Tailwind for Renewables

Aragon’s production of renewable energy exceeded local energy consumption by 22% in 2020, following a boom in green investment that is forecast to continue in 2021.

With plenty of land, sun and wind, Aragon is an ideal location for renewable energy production, as inventors in the industry are well aware.

Sun, wind and land

The characteristic Cierzo wind that blows through the Ebro valley powers hundreds of wind turbines throughout our region. Sun is another resource that abounds in Aragon.

The easy availability of land, combined with the strategic importance that renewable energy projects have for the regional and local administrations, has already attracted a large number of investments. Almost 3,000 MW of wind and photovoltaic energy have been installed here in the last two years.

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The future of energy

In CLENAR, the Cluster for Energy in Aragon, companies from the industry collaborate in projects and initiatives related with innovation and competitiveness.

The Foundation for the development of new hydrogen technologies in Aragon is a private, not-for-profit entity, created in 2003 to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy source. 

The Mobility City initiative, based in Zaragoza,  is dedicated to making the future of mobility greener.

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