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Right in the middle

It’s an open secret that Aragon is a great logistics hub to access the Spanish,  European and MENA markets and more. With excellent air, land and port connections and a passion for intermodality, distributing from here is plain sailing.

Just ask fashion giant Inditex, who ship their weekly Zara collections from Zaragoza to stores worldwine in 48 hours. Or come and see for yourself!

World-class multimodal facilities

Railway Transport

PLAZA Intermodal Terminal – Operating 24/7/365 | Platforms for 750m long convoys | 7,500 trains & 110,000 TEUs yearly | 290,000m2 dry port.
Zaragoza Maritime Terminal –2nd biggest dry dock in Spain | 350,000TEUs managed per year | 8 direct trains to Barcelona Port every day | Reefer Service.
Intermodal Terminal Monzon– 150,000m2 | 67.000 TEUs/year. Reefer, dry and bulk services.

Air Freight

Zaragoza International Airport – 2nd highest cargo volume in Spain Average 14% yearly growth in freight volume since 2009 | Integrated with PLAZA logistics platform | Custom office & perishable terminal 365 days | 160,000m2 platform for cargo aircraft.

Road Network

Delivery by truck to main European destinations (Paris, Milan, Düsseldorf, etc.) in 16 hrs.
3-hour drive to Madrid & Barcelona | High capacity motorways to France, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia | Same-day delivery and return for Madrid & Barcelona | Freight corridor between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts.

Success Stories


With a 300,000-square-metre logistics centre and 1,200 employees, Inditex distributes more than 250 million products to over 1,700 Zara stores worldwide each year.

BSH group opened its new plant in Zaragoza in 2010. Its size of 80,000 square metres makes it its biggest in the world. The logistics centre distributes BSH products to both the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Decathlon’s logicstics centre in Zaragoza, 50,000 square metres in size, receives all their manufactured products and distributes them to stores and warehouses all over Europe. The centre handles 80 million items per year.

The world leader in logistics and international post service has its 22,222 square-metre plant in Zaragoza. It carries out all its logistics activities for the region in this location.

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