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ICT & Financial Services

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On the leading edge

More than ever, IT and financial services are global businesses. Location factors such as fast internet, good energy supply, a prepared workforce and reasonable wages are crucial for being competitiveness. For the reason, more and more multinational companies choose Aragon as a global hub for their IT and financial operations. 

University & Company links

Aragon offers an excellent pipeline of qualified and multilingual professionals at competitive wages with fully-funded training.

Of the 40,000 university students in Aragon, 9,500 in Engineering studies and in New Technologies.

170 vocational training centres: 17,000 students, 7,000 in technical areas.

Multilingual skills: 45% of the population speak at least two languages.

Support from technological centres

I3A Institute for Engineering Research, created to transfer scientific research results from the University to society and to actively support technological innovation in the private industrial sector.

ITA Innova Aragon Institute of Technology, linked to the Government of Aragon, works to identify the technological needs of companies and to introduce new technologies into the industrial fabric.

BIFI Biocomputing & Physics Institute is a research centre at the University of Zaragoza that promotes interdisciplinarity.

Success Stories


Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open an infrastructure region in Aragon with three Availability Zones at launch. The new data centers will enable customers to run workloads and store data in Spain, and serve end-users with even lower latency. 

Zaragoza is the HQ for the Iberia as well as the rapidly-growing tech hub for adidas as a whole. The team is now in charge of developing applications and managing all IT solutions worldwide.

KPMG’s Centre of Innovation, Development and Implementation of Technological Tools in Zaragoza is the company’s most multifunctional centre for excellence in Europe.

Deloitte has been in Aragon since 1980. It relies on more than 170 employees who offer their clients technical support services and IT systems development. Deloitte also provides services remotely.

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