Rented properties up to 50% cheaper than in Madrid or Barcelona


Industrial plots available measuring over 200,000m2 


Annual labour cost is 3,000 Euro below European average

Room to grow

PLAZA is the biggest logistics platform in Europe. The offer in terms of prefab warehouses and industrial land is very competitive throughout the region. Prices in the outlying areas of Zaragoza are the equivalent to the third band in Madrid or Barcelona, which is why companies such as Inditex, Decathlon and BSH have settled here.

The availability of large plots (upwards of 200,000 m2) is also of interest to the large international companies.


The availability of intermodal platforms, dry ports and transport infrastructures favours cost efficiency.

The Barcelona-Zaragoza freight line is the busiest railway line in Spain. Road transport operations from Zaragoza ensure the most efficient distribution of industrial products in Spain.

Planta de Zaragoza-Cadena de Montaje

Labour Productivity and Competitiveness

The labour cost per hour in Aragon is 10 points below the average in Spain. The high weight in favour of the industrial sector in the region explains why productivity is above the national average. For example, the GM plant is one of the most effective in the group worldwide.


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