Doing Business in Aragon Logistics

DHL Express invests 4.7 million euros in its Zaragoza facilities

The project includes the implementation of a new international transport center in Aragon

E-commerce in Aragon has grown by 60% in two years, and traditional businesses are recovering pre-pandemic activity levels

DHL Express will expand its presence in Zaragoza Logistics Platform (PLAZA) with a new 1,995-square-meter center for operations related to international transport. These new fully mechanized facilities, built on an area of 8,900 square meters and incorporating the latest technology, have already been in operation for a few weeks. The total investment for the expansion is 4,739,000 euros.

The objective of this investment is to respond to the registered growth of more than 50% both in the volume of import and export shipments in the Zaragoza facilities. “Industrial development is being strong and the companies we are providing services to are growing,” says Miguel Borrás, Managing Director of DHL Express Spain and Portugal.

Growth in B2B and B2C trade led the company to delopy five additional delivery routes between 2006 and 2021. Retail, fashion and engineering are the main sectors that concentrate shipments and deliveries in Zaragoza, followed by professional services, consumer goods and the automotive industry. Regarding the origin of shipments to the Zaragoza facilities, the “top” countries are China, Italy and Germany, while Mexico, France, the United Kingdom and Italy are the main destinations for the merchandise.

Due to this expansion, DHL’s workforce in Zaragoza has increased by 15%, mainly to carry out work related to routes and customs, among others. In fact, chances are DHL will be able to incorporate more professionals according to the growth and development macroeconomic trends for this year.

In Zaragoza, DHL Express has also committed to sustainability acquiring 12 small electric aircraft  and it is expected that, by 2025, the company will have replaced all its fleet to be electric, with the exception of long-haul vehicles.

Future growth and expansion

By maintaining the existing facilities focused on domestic transport operations, DHL Express expects to continue growing because e-commerce in the area of Zaragoza and Aragon has grown by 60% in two years, even during the pandemic, and traditional businesses are recovering, reaching pre-pandemic activity levels.

DHL’s growth forecasts within Aragon are currently focused on Zaragoza and Teruel, although the company does not rule out opening another facility in the third Aragonese province, Huesca, in the longer term. The company has a market share of around 53%, although “in Zaragoza, it may be higher and above the Spanish average.”