Inditex invests 80 million in the expansion of its facilities in Plaza

The apparel giant will expand its main logistics center, located in Aragon, starting in 2022

Zaragoza Logistics Platform, Plaza, proves to be an attractive location for investment

Inditex will expand, from 2022, its facilities in the Zaragoza Logistics Platform, Plaza, with an investment of 80 million euros and will create 250 new direct jobs. These facilities are expected to be functioning by 2023. The project includes the acquisition of new plots with a total surface of more than 63,500 square meters located in Plaza, close to the existing 180,000-square-meter facilities, which will allow them to connect all the centers it has in the logistics area.

“The purpose is to be able to provide the ‘Zara’ fashion chain with the logistics necessary for the export of its products, thus consolidating Plataforma Europa in Zaragoza as one of the logistics points of reference in the Inditex Group at an international level”, they have pointed out.

Established in 2003, Plataforma Europa has been one of the main logistics centers of Inditex and, therefore, an object of constant investment, with important expansions in 2010 and 2021. In addition, the Inditex group has highlighted that the presence of these facilities in PLAZA “has not only been a showcase for the city as a logistics hub, but has also represented a notable attraction of investment by third parties willing to develop auxiliar services for this center and for other companies in the Community, which thus benefit from the driving effect of this activity”. In 2020, it has reported a turnover of 120 million euros, a workforce of almost 1,800 people and positive results of 4.2 million euros.

On average, 1,750 indefinite jobs were created, and around 2,000 people were hired at peak times, with quality pay and social conditions. Due to this expansion, more job placements, ranging from specialist operators to production supervisors, logistics technicians, customs, administration or systems, among others, have been offered. Likewise, it is estimated that the indirect job creation factor will remain above two jobs for each direct job generated, which translates into about 750 new jobs in Aragon, between direct and indirect, associated with the expansion project.

This major investment made in PLAZA has been generating from its inception a remarkable driving effect in the economic and social environment, both in the area of activity of associated infrastructures – Zaragoza airport – as well as auxiliary companies – transport, maintenance, textile re-operations. In fact, the Zaragoza airport has become, since 2019, AENA’s second largest cargo airport, with 182,659 tons of transported materials, 90 percent of which are shipped by Inditex.